A practically perfect content day

Mary Poppins Returns

Campaign Background

In celebration of the return of the magical nanny in the much-anticipated Mary Poppins sequel, we were approached by Disney to construct a content rich experience for visiting EMEA influencers.

The concepts had to tap into instantly recognisable iconography for global audiences without falling back on tropes from the original film. The goal was to deliver both video and static content pieces for our influencer attendees that allowed audiences to escape into the magical of world of Mary Poppins.

What We Did

Capturing the spirit of the occasion, we produced three separate content capture opportunities in keeping with the film, without the benefit of film supplied backdrops or props.

With a sprinkle of Mary’s magic there was a gravity-defying photo stunt, an optical-illusion video piece and a trip to Cherry Tree Lane for which the film’s talent dropped in to surprise our participants. We capped off the occasion with Poppins-inspired capes, jackets, hats, gloves, and umbrellas so that all our participants looked “spit-spot” in front of the cameras!


The day was a soaring success with all 9 participants creating multi-platform content that saw Mary Poppins land in the social feeds of approximately 9,356,852 global users. And it looks like their audiences enjoyed watching the content as much as our influencers enjoyed making it, leaving over 600,000 reactions and resulting in over 2,200,000 views!

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