Get to know us

We’re passionate about digital

Our Story

Founded as a digital specialist agency in 2003 we have remained at the forefront of digital innovation for over 16 years.

We have been proud to work on many of the largest and most successful entertainment franchises and films of the 21st Century including Marvel, the Wizarding World and The Hunger Games through to Dunkirk, Gravity and How To Train Your Dragon. This work has been diverse and cross-divisional, from film release campaigns through to long term strategic initiatives for lifestyle and consumer products.

We’ve also given our support on a wide range of independent films, books and smaller tactical campaigns, capitalising on any opportunity to try something new and push the boundaries of creativity.

More recently, we’ve been having an increasing role with clients and campaigns outside of core entertainment releases, with our launch marketing credentials and longer term engagement strategies taking us into exciting, new areas.

What we do

Adapting to an ever changing digital and media landscape, our work and our services have evolved over the years – from an initial specialism in viral campaigns, creative and publicity through to more modern focuses such as social strategy, content and influencers.

Regardless of the service, the client or the campaign, we remain single minded in our focus to work with our clients as partners and deliver the very best and most successful digital campaigns possible.


  • Planning
  • Audience & Competitor Analysis
  • Digital Platform Strategy
  • Social Strategy
  • Creative Strategy


  • Integrated Publicity
  • Talent Management
  • Media Liaison
  • Larger Scale Initiatives
  • Promotional Partnerships
  • Events & Stunts


  • Social & Community Strategy
  • Channel Set Up
  • Calendar Creation & Management
  • Live Event Social
  • Reactive Content Ideation
  • Organic & Paid Implementation


  • Ideation & Concepting
  • Planning & Logistics
  • Full Event Management
  • Guest List Management
  • Content & Social Amplification


  • Influencer Strategy
  • UK & EMEA Outreach & Management
  • Event Guest Lists
  • Briefing & Content Collaboration
  • Contract Management


  • Ideation & Concepting
  • Scripting & Storyboarding
  • Digital & Social Design
  • Talent-Led Ideation & Production
  • Animation & Motion Design
  • Branding & Strategy


  • Social Toolkits & Assets
  • TV & Social AV
  • Design – Digital, Print, OOH
  • Video Filming & Editing
  • Event Content Creation

Insights & Analytics

  • Social Listening
  • Audience Sentiment Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Audit
  • Benchmarking & Measurement
  • Dashboards & Ongoing Reporting